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    Under the Stars Camp "Kehi Yovikamba - Buruxa Camp" is located in the heart of the new Buruxa Camp tent camp. It is only 1h10 from the famous Twyfelfontein site in the mountainous region of Damaraland.


    Its wild nature, its torn landscapes and vast expanses, unfolding to infinity, maintain its mysterious character and make it the most fascinating place of Namibia.


    Under The Stars "Kehi Yovikamba - Buruxa Camp" awaits travelers with a curious soul wishing to live an off-the-beaten-track experience, in contact with the elements and an omnipresent nature. It will be perfect for explorers en route between Swakopmund and Twyfelfontein wishing to take full advantage of these stages.


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    Live a unique experience in harmony with nature, great imperial mistress of this southern land. Enjoy the  swimming pool built in the heart of the mountains.

    Our "Deluxe" tents get the  essential modern comfort to welcome our guests, while raising awareness of the "eco-responsible" nature of the place. You will have enough hot water. The equipment is partly made of local waste materials and the lighting is provided in part by the contribution of solar energy.

    The camp provides dinner, accommodation with breakfast (possible option for lunch too). Our table is inspired by Namibian cuisine. Our chef will make you discover the specialties of the region (grilled kudu or oryx meats, sweet potatoes ..).

    From the corner of your terrace or by the fireside, you will undoubtedly have the chance to see some animal species, sometimes nocturnal, often discreet nevertheless very present in the surrounding bush.

    Seize the moment through the experience of our tents ...


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    « Namibian Songs, Tales & Legends »
    « Sundowner on the heights of Damaraland »
    « Damaraland »
    « Twyfelfontein »
    « Burnt Mountain »
    « Petrified Forest »
    « Organ Pipes »
    « Desert Elephants »
    « Brandberg Massif »
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    Activities in or near Keyi Yovikamba camp 



    Star Gazing

    The camp will offer you the opportunity to observe a sky of incomparable purity.

    A view of the Milky Way that you will not see anywhere else!

    One of our specialists will invite you to discover the secrets of our solar system..



    Namibian Songs, Tales & Legends

    Africa is primarily characterized by its oral tradition. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself immediately to the sound of Africa with songs or tales offered by our team on site.






    Sundowner on the heights of Damaraland

    If you wish, we can organized an aperitif on the heights of Damaraland can be organized at the camp.





    The discovery of this parietal gallery will allow you to understand how our ancestors lived more than 6000 years ago. Sightseeing to do absolutly!


    Burnt Mountain

    A few miles from Twyfelfontein is the Burnt Mountain; A volcanic chain stretching over 12kms, in a landscape completely devoid of human population. The lights are stunning at dawn or late afternoon.

    Petrified Forest

    Discover Fossilized trees dating back millions of years. They shelter a steppe of some fifty tree trunks dating from more than 260 million years.


    Brandberg Mountain Range 

    Also called "mountain of fire" because of its red color that the Brandberg wears at sunset and sunrise, you will be impressed by this highly spiritual place. There are over 45,000 rock paintings including the famous fresco of the "White Lady".