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    Escape to a world where Nature is fascinating.

    You will be in total immersion.
    You will doubtless admire some residents of these vast plains, who will hardly care for your presence… You will be in the heart of Namibia.

    Under The Stars” will offer you a unique and authentic.

    The camps are close to the main touristic area and fused with Nature.

    You will live to the rhythm of the wild and barren land of Damaraland through the green vineyards of Neuras, to reach the marvelous site of the desert of Namib.
    In the footsteps of the pioneers, you will be in contact with nature and enjoy the riches of Namibia that you will discover.
    This restored atmosphere, offers all the conditions of modern comfort in order to make the most of every moment.
    Each camp is unique.
    Resolutely oriented towards the environment protection, our atypical accommodation link environmentally-Responsible and “trendy” character.