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    The "Under The Stars Kehi Re Juru" camp (camp under the paradise in herero language) is located in the heart of a true paradise.


    Created in May 2017, this camp is located in an exceptional place in Namibia, in Neuras where you can find a wine property.

    Benefiting from the natural conditions of the surrounding canyon, the fertile soils produce an exceptional wine, unique in the world: "the wine of the desert".

    The owner Rudie Van Vuuren is a famous vet. He is an emblematic figure of the country for his actions in favor of Equitable & Sustainable Tourism.



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    A care center for cheetahs is also in this area. According to your program, you could assist to a felines interaction.


    Your stay will take place in a beautiful area between vineyards and desert.



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    Activities in or near Kehi He Juru

    Namib Desert

    The must to see in Namibia!

    Considered one of the oldest desert in the world, the Namib Desert is crossed by several rivers, gorges and canyons (including Sesriem and Kuiseb), which are practically always dried up where the dunes stretch as far as the eye can see. A unique landscape full of emotions...


    All the splendor of the Namib Desert is there. A protected park with a sea of dunes in ocher color to take your breath away. Giant dunes, some of the highest in the world, some up to 300m high.

    Dead Vlei

    This site is of extraordinary beauty so the contrast is striking between the calcified bench floor and the black trees dating back over 900 years. 

    Let yourself be overwhelmed by the beauty of the place, by all the trees caught in the limestone and witnesses of a time that is now over.


    Not to be missed in Namibia, a must to do!

    Sesriem Canyon

    The Sesriem canyon, which is over 15 million years old, has an impressive geological structure: This site offers you beautiful walks in perspective.

    Wine tasting

    Duration of visit: about 1 hour

    The site of Neuras thanks to its climate and its privileged situation, enjoys an exceptional climate for the fauna to be able to adapt itself to the birth of vine.

    The wine of this property begins to make its place within the wine world.




    2 types of tasting

    - Wine Tasting & Tour: Walk and discover the vineyards of Neuras. Tasting of 3 wines accompanied by cheese

    - Wine Tasting with cheese platter: Discovery and tasting of 3 wines from the region, accompanied by an oenologist



    Duration of the visit: about 2h30

    Enjoy the sunset from the Honey Canyon. Snack and a glass of "desert wine". Admire the places in this exceptional setting!






    Carnivore feeding

    Duration of visit: about 1 hour

    At 5 min from the camp, we can offer you a "carnivore feeding" where you will attend the feeding of the cheetahs. Accompanied by your ranger, this one will explain to you the actions carried out by the association to guarantee the preservation of the animals as well as the eco system. Eco-friendly trend! Unique experience in Namibia!